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   Semiconductor Process and Device Simulator

MicroTec is a widely recognized educational tool and is now used by more than 100 universities in 30 countries including University of Waterloo in Canada and Shimane University in Japan. The software is a perfect supplement to any book or a course on semiconductor devices or processes which enables students to create their own devices and test them under varying real world parameters. The program has been used as a supplement to a book Semiconductors Devices Explained by Ton Mouthaan recently published by John Wiley & Sons.

Despite apparent simplicity MicroTec was used in more than 30 companies worldwide including Hitachi, NTT, General Electric, Cree Research and National Semiconductor. MicroTec is especially good for computationally extensive simulations such as power semiconductor devices with large dimensions. MicroTec is particularly useful for devices build of SiC and other wide bandgap materials. Lately MicroTec has become a very popular Tool for Solar Cell Simulation.

The program is easy-to-use, user-friendly, robust, and requires very little RAM. The newest version of MicroTec has a number of new features like non-planar device modeling capability, graphical device structure editor, etc.

You may download current version of MicroTec from our downloads page on www.siborg.ca. Free trial installations are available.

MicroTec includes three main software tools:

  • SiDif for 2D simulation of implantation, diffusion and oxidation
  • SemSim for steady-state 2D simulation
  • SibGraf for 3D and 2D graphics

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